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Cello: Image 1 0f 9 Thumb
Cello: Image 2 0f 9 Thumb
Cello: Image 3 0f 9 Thumb
Cello: Image 5 0f 9 Thumb
Cello: Image 5 0f 9 Thumb
Cello: Image 6 0f 9 Thumb
Cello: Image 7 0f 9 Thumb
Cello: Image 8 0f 9 Thumb
Cello: Image 9 0f 9 Thumb

Apocolyptica 3D Cello Composite

This is the same 3D cello from above that I made in Autodesk Maya composited in to a live video from YouTube. I motion tracked the handheld video footage in order for the composited cello to appear to sit on the ground without floating. I used Autodesk MatchMover to track the video and transfer that information to the camera in Maya. Then I used Adobe After Effects for color correction, render pass blending, and to composite the 3D sequence into the live video footage.

3D Room

3D Room
3D Room

This is a room created in Maya for the purpose of using it for Alex Eden's website. After rendering it was made interactive in Adobe Flash with the use of Actionscript 3. I used Ambient Occlusion, Global Illumination, Final gather and rendered in Mental Ray for Maya. The outside scenery was given less importance of detail because it was to be touched up in Photoshop and After Effects, as you will see in the website example below.

Alex Eden
Again I used my cello model in this web project and 3D scene. The most effective feature of the site is clicking the DVD player or cello brings up a menu and plays video on the 3D room's TV. Alex Eden is a pop music artist that happens to be married to Gary Oldman. She has a record deal with Sidetracked Records for whom I do freelance work for. For this site I used a room I made in Autodesk Maya. I rendered out the scene, did some final touches in Adobe After Effects and built the interactivity in Adobe Flash.