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I worked with NUVO as a video intern in the spring of 2010. There was a lot of freedom in the assignments as I was given the times, locations, and general info about the events to cover. With this freedom I had the responsibility of the entire project from pre-production, production, and post production. It required excellent written and verbal skills for the journalistic aspects of the assignments. It also required technical skills to capture, edit and add the graphics to the video.

Jordis Unga Reel

Jordis Unga

I had the pleasure of taking video of Jordis Unga on a couple occasions. She performed at Muldoon's in Carmel for the owners, who also own Sidetracked Records. I do some web work for Muldoon's and Sidetracked Records as freelance side jobs. Jordis was featured on NBC's The Voice in 2012. The two sessions were a project of passion and favor to Beth and Debbie the owners of Muldoon's and Sidetracked Records.

Blacklisted Music Video

My first music video. They are a local Indy band - Blacklisted(No longer together). Good friends of mine. We submitted it to a local music station IMC Indy Music Channel and received a few months of air time. It was a project for an undergraduate video class and a great time with my friends.

Apocolyptica 3D Cello Composite

This is the 3D cello I made in Autodesk Maya composited in to a live video from YouTube. I motion tracked the handheld video footage in order for the composited cello to appear to sit on the ground without floating. I used Autodesk MatchMover to track the video and transfer that information to the camera in Maya. Then I used Adobe After Effects for color correction, render pass blending, and to composite the 3D sequence into the live video footage.