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Alex Eden
Alex Eden is a pop music artist that happens to be married to Gary Oldman. She has a record deal with Sidetracked Records for whom I do freelance work for. For this site I used a room I made in Autodesk Maya. I rendered out the scene, did some final touches in Adobe After Effects and built the interactivity in Adobe Flash.

Side Tracked Records
Side Tracked Records is the records label that I do web, video and graphic work for. I did this site using mostly flash. However, we are currently discussing overhauling the site with HTML5 and some flash elements retained.

Muldoon's is a restaurant owned by the same owners of Side Tracked Records. It integrates their social media, web store, and employment application process(via email by form submission).

Aimee Allen
Aimee Allen is a signed recording artist with Side Tracked Records. The site integrates her social media, contact info, event schedule, web store, and video/photographic media. The website is in a bit of chaos right now, however plans to overhaul are in the works.